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GroundWork Trust Hertfordshire


The Groundwork movement was established more than three decades ago as a one-off experiment to galvanise communities, businesses and government in a joint effort to improve the quality of life and promote sustainable development in places that had become run-down and neglected. Its remit is to make places to look better, streets to be safer and outside areas to be green and beautiful; to encourage and enable people of all ages to be able to do things together to make the best of where they live; to improve job prospects by offering training; to show people how they can make their homes more efficient places to run and support businesses with their corporate social responsibility.

It focusses on three major areas of activity: 


Creating better places

Encouraging greener living and working

Improving people's prospects



Boards are held quarterly. Locations vary across the east of England with usually at least two meetings a year held in Herts

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