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Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE)


SACRE is a statutory LA Council to support and oversee the provision of RE and collective worship in maintained schools:

  • it consists of teachers, faith representatives and LA representatives
  • it's role is to advise on all matters to do with RE and collective worship
  • SACRE’s two core functions are:
    • to review the locally agreed syllabus
    • determine whether a school may be exempt from the requirement for collective worship to be wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character
  • SACRE must publish an annual report on its work

SACRE supports schools in the development of meaningful and inspiring religious education and collective worship, appropriate to the pupils’ age and background, rooted in sound educational principles and within the legal framework.

It provides:

  • advice, guidance and support on the teaching of RE
  • advice, guidance and support on the provision of collective worship, including ‘Determinations’
  • school networking
  • contacts with faith and belief groups in Hertfordshire
  • places to visit
  • advice and support for communications with parents and communities.


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