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Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE)


Following the 1988 Education Act, when religious education was confirmed as a compulsory part of the curriculum, it became a statutory requirement for every Local Education Authority (LEA) to appoint a SACRE. The SACRE has a statutory duty to:

Advise the County Council upon matters connected with religious worship in community schools and in foundation schools which do not have a religious character. Religious education in these schools is to be given in accordance with the Agreed Syllabus

•Advise the County Council on teaching methods, choice of materials and teacher training in religious education and collective worship

•Produce an annual report

•Require the County Council to review the locally agreed syllabus for religious education at least every five years.


SACRE meets three times annually on a Wed/Thu mid month in Oct/Nov, Feb and June. Meetings are held in various locations, County Hall/school/training centre/place of worship. The Chair has traditionally been a County Councillor, and additional councillors represent the three other political groups. The role of tje councillors is to be involved in all aspects of the SACRE.

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