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Schools Forum



The Hertfordshire schools forum is established in accordance with Section 46a of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 and the Schools Forums (England) Regulations. The main functions of the schools forum are:

•to be consulted on the funding formula

•to be consulted on issues in connection with the schools budget

•to be consulted on service contracts where the costs will be met from the schools budget

•to determine a range of financial and budget matters affecting schools.


The forum approves proposals for the Secretary of State in the following areas:

•changes to the operation of the Minimum Funding Guarantee

•the retention and levels of funding for Combined Services, growth in pupil numbers, premature retirement and redundancy costs, admissions and the cost of the Carbon Reduction Commitment

•changes to the Authority's Scheme for Financing Schools

•the central retention (de-delegation) of budgets for matters delegated to schools. (This applies only to maintained mainstream schools and decision-making is restricted to their representatives.)



The terms of reference determine that the Forum must meet at least 4 times a year (it typically meets between 5 -6 times pa). Further meetings may be called with the agreement of the chair or by decision of the Forum to enable the Forum to carry out its tasks effectively. From time to time the Forum may set up ad hoc working groups to deal in greater detail with matters that require more time than is available in the full Forum meetings and will report to the full Forum meetings. Meetings are held from 1.00pm - 4.00pm and are held at Robertson House, Stevenage