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Hertfordshire Public Health Board


The remit of the Public Health Board is

1. Discussion, sharing and co-ordination of public health priorities and functions where cross agency working is essential


2. Supporting the mainstreaming of public health across Local Authorities


3. Developing joint approaches to shared public health and health and wellbeing board priorities


4. Developing workforce skills and capabilities (specialist and generalist) for public health across Hertfordshire


5. Joining up approaches between NHS and local government to reduce the burden of non-communicable disease


6. Producing a toolkit and learning pack for elected members


7. Developing a Health Protection Strategy for Hertfordshire,


8. Providing an oversight of public health activity in Hertfordshire.


The board meets quarterly and is held at the 10 district councils on a rotational basis. The HCC Director of Public Health is Chairman of the Board. The HCC Executive Member is a board member.

Our representatives