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Hertfordshire Local Nature Partnership


The Hertfordshire Local Nature Partnership (LNP) aims to ensure the county’s natural environment is fully considered and valued in local decision-making and that it delivers  benefits for wildlife, people, landscapes and the local economy. The partnership brings together a wide range of partners with an interest in the conservation and enhancement of the natural environment and how, through more integrated ways of working, it can deliver social and economic benefits for the County. The partnership has been developed through stakeholder consultation and engagement as part of the LNP process.


The terms of reference state that the LNP Board should meet four times a year, however unfortunately, due to a period of inactivity it has been relatively inactive over the past couple of years (1 or 2 meetings?) due to a lack of direction and funding, sadly this is the case for the majority of LNPs across the Country. The Board meets at County Hall, and the HCC rep Chairs the meeting