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Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation


Via an Act of Parliament, the assets, role and responsibilities of First Garden City Ltd was transferred to a public sector organisation now known as Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation. The Foundation works to maintain and enhance the world’s first Garden City, managing its local property portfolio to generate income, which is then invested back into the community and landscape of Letchworth Garden City. It supports, funds and promotes activities for the benefit of the Garden City and its communities.

At the core of our operations sit our charitable commitments:

•Environment & Heritage



•Health & Wellbeing


•Charitable Activities




Meetings are held 11 times per year at the Head of office of the Foundation with one additional meeting per year at  a different location within the radius of Hertfordshire/Cambs/Beds. HCC membership is a statutory requirement as per the Rules of the Foundation – Information and partnership working

Our representatives