Outside body

Joint Staff Advisory Committee


The functions of the Local Joint Committee are:

(a) To establish and maintain regular methods of negotiation and consultation between the Council and its staff on all matters affecting staff in order to prevent differences and to resolve them should they arise.   However, personal issues of grading, promotion or discipline shall be excluded.

(b) To consider all matters which have been referred to the Local Joint Committee by either of the Employer’s or Staff Sides.   Such items may include any matter affecting the

employment of staff but not those specifically excluded above.

(c) To consider the application of decisions of the National Joint Council for Local Government Services.

(d) As the final internal stage of a collective dispute between the County Council and UNISON, to consider those matters in dispute with a view to resolving them.  This may

involve subsequent reference by either Side to appropriate outside bodies for assistance eg National Joint Secretaries or ACAS.

(e) To provide a forum for the exchange of information.


Meetings to be held 4 times a year at a time and place agreed by Council in the programme of meetings  Extra meetings may be summoned if required. Note: The Committee's last meeting was in December 2014; meetings tend to be cancelled due to lack of business.

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