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Crouchfield Trust


The Crouchfield Trust is a registered charity that was originally set up in 1989 with the proceeds of the Crouchfield School.  The main purpose of the Trust is to promote the education, training and provision of care facilities for children and young people who ‘delinquent, neglected, ill-treated and in need of care, within Hertfordshire.  The Trust distributes grants accrued from its capital to voluntary organisations and other charities who have schemes or projects  that promote the object of the trust. For example, one of the most recent grants that has been provided was to a young person accommodation project in which money was given to them over a period of 3 years to enable start up costs for a hostel for 16-25 year olds including young people who were leaving care.  Due to the reduction in income over the last few years it was decided that no further grants should be given at that time.  The Trust is however looking to open up the grant application process in the very near future.


The Trust meets two times every year on the first Monday in June and the first Monday in December. 

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