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Adoption & Fostering Panels


Fostering Panel: These panels are concerned with recruitment, assessment and support of foster carers, the placement of children and young people and related matters. Adoption Panel: Hertfordshire County Council holds an Adoption Panel on a weekly basis, constituted in line with the adoption agencies regulations and guidance.


The Adoption Panels contribute to the running and quality assurance of the local authority's adoption service and receive annual reports on the service and its performance.


They are multi disciplinary and independent of the adoption agency and have an overriding responsibility to promote good practice, consistency of approach and fairness in all aspects of the adoption service, in accordance with its procedures and values. They do not make decisions but make recommendations to the Agency Decision Maker.


• The Fostering Panel runs weekly, on a Thursday and the length of the panel is dependent on the number of cases booked. Panel starts at 9.30am. The Fostering Panel alternates between East and West panels, held at Stevenage and Apsley respectively.


• The Adoption Panel runs bi-weekly on a Monday and again, the length of the panel is dependent upon the number of cases coming to panel. Panel starts at 9.30. The Adoption Panel is held in St Albans at Rainbow House.

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