Executive post

Portfolio: Growth, Infrastructure & Planning (DEPUTY)


To support the Executive Member for Growth, Infrastructure, Planning & the Economy.


Promotion of the Council’s cross-boundary strategic spatial and economic policy objectives, joint working with Local Planning Authorities (LPAs), leading for the Council on key projects/regeneration schemes including the delivery of key employment sites.

Coordination and promotion of the Council’s service requirements to LPAs as part of the local plan process.

Development and maintenance of the County’s Strategic Infrastructure Plan, lead on infrastructure funding and planning obligation policies including a shared viability assessment capability.

Strategic planning policy including relationships with the Hertfordshire Infrastructure and Planning Partnership, the London Stansted Cambridge Corridor, London/GLA, sub-national transport bodies and airports, transport planning, passenger transport, the Council’s Total Transport strategy and Lead Local Flood Authority

Development management and enforcement.

Minerals and waste planning policy. 

Cabinet Panel papers are here: Growth, Infrastructure, Planning & the Economy Cabinet Panel



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