Active and Completed ePetitions

The Council welcomes contact from the public and is committed to listening to concerns raised and dealing with them promptly and effectively. Before considering whether to raise a petition to the Council you may want to discuss your issue with your local county councillor Find my county councillor. Your local county councillor will be able to advise you whether the matter is one for the Council and also whether a petition is the best form of engagement with the Council on the matter you wish to raise.

The Council's petitions scheme can be viewed here Petitions Scheme

Submitting an e-petition
An e-petition is a petition which collects signatures online. All petitions submitted to the Council must relate to a matter over which the County Council has control or for which it is responsible.

Anyone who lives or works in Hertfordshire can submit or sign an e-petition on the Council's website.

Supporting an e-Petition
To support an existing e-petition choose an e-petition and add your name, address and email address. To find out more about the issue see the supporting information provided by the lead petitioner attached to the e-petition.

For any petitions closed before 31 July 2018 you will need to consult our archive

This Council accepts no liability for the petitions on these web pages. The views expressed in each petition are those of the lead petitioner and do not necessarily reflect those of the County Council.

Title Respondents Deadline to sign by
London Road Speeding 0 27/06/2021
Reinstate the 388 bus service 125 30/06/2021
Safer Streets for Harpenden 0 05/07/2021
Petition to restore the environment in and around Rickneys quarry land and implement the new Minerals Local Plan 146 07/07/2021
Herts Local Government Pension Scheme and Palestinian Human Rights 180 31/08/2021
Install A Pedestrian Crossing At St Albans And Langley Road 26 09/09/2021
Stop blanket 20mph speed limits 0 04/01/2022