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20mph is Plenty for Hertfordshire towns and villages

We the undersigned petition the County Council to 1) embrace a future of safer, cleaner, quieter and healthier streets and communities by adopting 20mph as the default speed limit on all residential and urban roads across Hertfordshire; 2) make the necessary changes to HCC’s draft Speed Management Strategy so that all proposals for wide-area 20mph limits in Hertfordshire towns and villages can be approved and implemented without requiring expensive road engineering modifications; and 3) work collaboratively with Hertfordshire Constabulary to ensure that a proportionate and effective level of enforcement is provided to all 20mph limits and areas.

Over 20m people in the UK live in local authorities which are adopting or have adopted a default 20mph speed limit for residential and urban streets.

In February 2020 Global Ministers mandated 20mph (or 30kmh) speed limits wherever cyclists or pedestrians mix with motor vehicles, except where strong evidence exists that higher speeds are safe. This was endorsed in August 2020 by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

At the present time Hertfordshire has no wide area 20mph limits. Herts County Council are currently updating its speed management strategy (“SMS”) which would make the creation of 20mph areas even more difficult to implement. The SMS sets speed limits by reference the existing speed of traffic rather than with regard to the very significant road safety, improved air quality, active transport, and community well-being benefits that are produced in locations where cars travel more slowly.

Why does 20mph matter?
Because it is safer, healthier, fairer, greener, quieter and better for people’s quality of life.

How much safer is 20mph?
You are 7 times less likely to die if hit at 20mph than 30mph or 10 times if over 60 years old. In the distance that a 20mph car can stop, a 30mph car will still be doing 24mph.

Are fewer people injured in wide 20mph limits?
Yes about 20% fewer

Does 20mph always mean humps?
No, speed compliance can be achieved with signs, lines, community engagement and driver education.

Where in the UK has a default 20mph limit policy?
Most of the largest 40 local authorities.

Isn’t 20mph around schools enough?
No - slowing the last 100m doesn’t help children to walk or cycle to school or prevent many casualties (80% of child casualties are on non school trips)

How does 20mph affect physical and mental well-being?
Safer streets mean that more journeys are made by cycling or walking. Cleaner air and more friendly towns and communities give rise to healthier lifestyles and a greater sense of well-being.

How does 20mph affect the environment?
20mph limits mean less air pollution in urban centres and a reduced global warming impact.

More information is at: http://www.20splenty.org/

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Started by: Colin Hodges (20s Plenty for Hertfordshire)

This ePetition ran from 30/10/2020 to 13/11/2020 and has now finished.

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