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Install Pedestrian Crossing at Curo Park, Frogmore

We the undersigned petition the County Council to Install A Pedestrian Crossing At Curo Park Frogmore

Install A Pedestrian Crossing At Curo Park Frogmore
We petition for the installation of a pedestrian crossing to improve the safety of children & parents going to school or work.
Prior to Curo Park & Minster Court being built, the unmanned pedestrian crossing the other side of the river Ver was sufficient. However, the need has changed. Section 106 monies that should have been used for the crossing was returned to the developer.
With the advent of Covid-19 St Albans District Council & HCC have found funds to encourage people to walk. Our children & parents would like to walk safely.
Children & parents cycle, scooter & walk to either the local schools, or to a bus stop. All this entails crossing a very busy road (A5183), with a constant stream of cars & trucks, many travelling too fast
Safety of our children is paramount and should come before any cost constraints.
Please act promptly, before some children or other residents of St Stephen Parish of are killed or injured

Started by: jon breen

This ePetition runs from 13/10/2020 to 08/12/2020.

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