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Excess Speeding along Mount Pleasant Lane

We the undersigned petition the County Council to control the constant speeding along this Road. Either with Speed Humps or Speed Cameras

Location is Mount Pleasant Lane Bricket Wood. St Albans. Section of Road treated as a Rat Run. Speeds of up to 60 mph !

Started by: Derek Aldrich

This ePetition ran from 06/08/2019 to 15/10/2019 and has now finished.

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Council response

Petition: Excess Speeding along Mount Pleasant Lane, Bricket Wood, St Albans

Petition Statement: We the undersigned petition the County Council to control the constant speeding along this Road. Either with Speed Humps or Speed Cameras

Petition Justification: Location is Mount Pleasant Lane Bricket Wood, St Albans. Section of Road treated as a Rat Run. Speeds of up to 60 mph!

Thank you for your petition received on 13th August 2019 regarding controlling vehicle speeds in Mount Pleasant Lane and presenting your petition to County Council Officers at the petition meeting held on the 21st October 2019 at County Hall in Hertford.

We actively endeavour to reduce the number and severity of collisions on our roads through the work of our highway safety engineering specialists. However, road safety involves a multi-agency approach, with engineering being only one part. This is why we also work with our road safety partners to educate and inform road users about what they can do to keep themselves and others safe on our roads.

Hertfordshire County Council seeks to manage the highway network to achieve appropriate speeds in the interests of safety, other road users and of the economy and environment. Speed limits are set in line with the Speed Management Strategy. The Speed Management Strategy is available on Hertfordshire County Council website at https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/media-library/documents/highways/transport-planning/local-transport-plan-live/speed-management-strategy.pdf

Setting limits and maintaining effective speed management across the county is carried out in partnership with stakeholders and most particularly with the police, the Hertfordshire Constabulary who are responsible for speed enforcement. We do however work with the police and together formed the Hertfordshire Safety Camera Partnership (HSCP) in 2002, the role of the partnership is to focus on locations where targeted speed enforcement would reduce the frequency and severity of personal injury collisions that have happened – this is classified as reactionary and data led enforcement. The police are able to undertake more proactive and covert enforcement at locations that do not fit within the role of the HSCP.

The implementation of safety cameras that would be operated by the HSCP are governed by the criteria contained within the County Council's Speed Management Strategy (criteria attached). Among other things the criteria primarily consider the quantity and type of personal injury collision (PICs) recorded and traffic speed.

We have reviewed this section of Mount Pleasant Lane in line with Hertfordshire County Council’s Speed Management Strategy for Safety Camera Criteria, which has indicated that the location does not meet the minimum investigation level for either of the primary considerations relating to Personal Injury Collisions and traffic speed as set out below.

On an annual basis we review records of personal injury collisions that have been reported to the police. In 2018 there were over 2,000 personal injury collisions on Hertfordshire’s 3,100 mile road network. Our analysis of this information helps us identify locations across the county where there have been the most collisions, known to us as hazardous sites. We use the results of our analysis to identify and prioritise the sites we will investigate.

The hazardous sites list was reviewed in August 2019, taking into account personal injury collisions that occurred up to the end of December 2018. This section of Mount Pleasant Lane was not identified within this list and thus is not included within our investigation programme. Data from any recent incidents will be updated and taken into consideration when the hazardous sites list is next reviewed in 2020. Whilst local safety concerns are understandable, you will appreciate that we must direct our core resources to sites where work has the greatest potential to reduce the frequency and severity of personal injury collisions.

Therefore, at the present time the County Council does not have any funds available within its Core Budgets to undertake works as part of our safety Engineering programme, on the basis that this site does not meet the criteria for further investigations or potential funding.

Personal Injury Collisions (PIC’s)
There have been two reportable PIC’s in Mount Pleasant Lane in the last two years, one near the junction of Wildwood Avenue on the evening of January 6th, 2016; the other being December 23rd, 2015; both of which resulted in injuries classified as slight.

Traffic Speeds
We note that the speed limit within Mount Pleasant Lane is currently 30mph and we are able to confirm through data obtained from our speed indicator device in this road that the average speed is 29.4mph. The 85th percentile speed is 35mph. There were 214,811 vehicle recorded speeds gathered between the 8th October 2018 and December 5th, 2018.

The above speeds are in line with speed & volume surveys carried out in February, March & June of 2012, which show an average speed of 29.37mph and an 85th percentile speed of 34.85mph.

For reference purposes, Hertfordshire’s Speed Management Strategy defines the 85th percentile speed as “the speeds at or below which 85% of all vehicles are observed to travel under free-flowing conditions”. (This is a nationally recognised method of assessing traffic speeds).

Based on the above speeds, with reference to Hertfordshire County Council's Speed Management Strategy, both the average speed and 85th percentile speed are appropriate for a 30mph limit and no physical speed calming measures are required.

Further to your suggestion during the petition meeting that Mount Pleasant Lane be signed posted as a 30mph zone, unfortunately this is not possible as the existing speed limit of the road is 30mph, which is a nationally recognised speed limit standard where there are street lights within a residential area and does not require a zone to make motorists aware of the speed they should be doing.

30mph is denoted within the County Council speed management strategy as the standard limit in built up areas with developments on one or both sides of the road where motor vehicle movement is a priority. This is the nationally accepted norm in villages, places with 20 or more houses over a length of 600m with a density of 3 houses per 100m and comes from the Department for Transport circular 1/13 (Setting Local Speed Limits – Paragraph 131,133 & 134 & TAL 1/04)

Whilst I appreciate this was not the answer you were seeking, I trust you will understand that we need to concentrate our efforts and funding on sites that meet our evidence led intervention levels and the criteria set out within our speed management strategy.