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Batchworth Heath Junction

We the undersigned petition the County Council to visit and urgently propose a workable solution to the immediate danger to pedestrians and cyclists at the dangerous junction at Batchworth Heath. The residents of Moor Park and Eastbury are very concerned that pedestrians have nowhere to cross and cyclists have to face four opposing traffic flows.

We urge the County Council to improve safety for all vehicle drivers, cyclists and pedestrians and reduce conflicts between traffic flows by exploring and implementing as appropriate:
1) New traffic rules at the top of Batchworth Lane leading onto Rickmansworth Road, so that there is only one option (not two) for drivers turning out of Batchworth lane into London Road
a) A no right turn on the left hand lane
b) A no left turn at the right hand lane
2) A review of common land and if needed, an appeal to the Secretary of State for the introduction of a roundabout at this junction in view of the increased number of traffic movements, visibility splays and the increased speed ability and reduced noise of modern cars.
3) New and improved cyclist and pedestrian paths from Batchworth Heath to Rickmansworth along London Road (A404)

Started by: Reena Ranger

This ePetition ran from 30/07/2019 to 31/10/2019 and has now finished.

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Council response

Batchworth Heath Junction e-petition:

The concerns raised within this petition have been considered by officers and discussed with the local County Councillor whose Division the site is located within. The lead petitioner has also met with Cllr Phil Bibby (Executive Member, Highways and the Environment), Cllr Frances Button and area highway officers.

As the Highway Authority one of our key service objectives is to provide a Safe and Efficient Transport System.
On an annual basis we review records of personal injury collisions (PIC’s) that have been reported to the police. Our analysis of this information helps us identify locations across the county where there have been the most collisions; known to us as hazardous sites. We use the results of our analysis to identify and prioritise the sites we will investigate.
We would of course like to address all road safety issues on our roads. However, because of limits to our core funding, we have to direct our resources to those areas where our work has the greatest potential to reduce the number and severity of collisions that occur.
The hazardous sites list was reviewed in August 2019, taking into account PIC’s that occurred up to the end of December 2018. This section of A404 London Road was not identified within this list and therefore is not included within our investigation programme. Data from any recent incidents will be updated and taken into consideration when the hazardous sites list is next reviewed in 2020.
Items 1 and 2 in the petition text refer to the junctions of London Road with Batchworth Lane and White Hill, and the difficulties in negotiating right and left turns. Whilst it is appreciated that the junctions are difficult to negotiate, the area has not been identified as one which would benefit from intervention or alteration as part of our core Safety Engineering programme for the reasons stated above.

There was an in-depth study and investigation undertaken in 1994-97 following some minor collisions at these junctions. A roundabout was proposed at that time to serve a realigned Batchworth Lane junction, but this did not progress as there was an insurmountable land issue which related to Common Land.

With regard to item 3 in the petition text, the A404 already has a footway along the eastern side and a footway along the western side as far as the northern edge of Northwood. The areas of Batchworth Heath on either side of the carriageway are Common Land and are the responsibility of Three Rivers District Council to manage and maintain as necessary in accordance with the rules associated with its common land status. Any additional footpath provision would need to be provided by, or in conjunction with Three Rivers District Council.

No improvements for this area were identified as part of the recent South West Hertfordshire Growth and Transport Plan and there has been no more recent investigation of the junction. Ideally we would consider all these issues – access in and out of the junctions as well as improved pedestrian and cycle facilities under one feasibility study. However, it is unlikely that core County Council budgets will be available for such work and alternative funding for this work would need to be found. For example it may be possible to fund such a study and recommended works as part of agreed future developments in the area to assist in mitigating their impact. Any proposals provided within such a study would need to comply with the policies set out within the County Council’s Local Transport Plan.

As part of our investigation into this petition, it has been noted that refreshing of carriageway line marking, vegetation clearance and sign maintenance could result in improved visibility and awareness of the junction on the approach from the London Borough of Hillingdon. We are aware that local issues and perceptions are a real concern. For this reason, among others, the highway service has a highway locality budget programme, and the local County Councillor has a funding stream available to them to primarily undertake maintenance, and this will be discussed at the next meeting.