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Save the St Albans and Hatfield Country Park at Ellenbrook Fields.

We the undersigned petition the County Council to Protect the land set aside as a Country Park for St Albans and Hatfield residents and visitors to this area

With regards to the proposed quarry application at the old Hatfield Aerodrome, also known as Ellenbrook Fields, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, we, the undersigned who reside and or work in Hertfordshire, petition Hertfordshire County Council to Save the St Albans and Hatfield Country Park at Ellenbrook Fields.
We ask that you: -
• Revoke the quarry application decision of a ‘resolve to Grant’ made by Hertfordshire County Council’s (HCC) Development Control Committee (DCC) in January 2017 due to the time lapsed, the changes in circumstances and the unresolved issues some of which are listed below in the interests of Hatfield, Smallford and St Albans residents and to reject any further high-risk development on this site.
• Ensure that this application is heard in full by Hertfordshire County Council and:-
o The risks associated with quarrying in the vicinity of the bromate pollution are fully investigated, by independent experts, of the potential risk of disturbing the bromate leak underground by the methods proposed by Brett Aggregates (with plans to dig a quarry deeper than 14 metres) and therefore the risk posed to the current Affinity Water resources for Hatfield’s public water supply through Tyttenhanger and Roestock pumping stations
o the cumulative impact
o on the local infrastructure
o the loss of Greenbelt, the park preserves the green belt gap between Hatfield and St Albans.
o the loss of open publicly accessible green space, the park is a unique public and important recreational and public health resource for Hatfield, St Albans residents and other visitors
o the health and wellbeing, physically and mentally on the local population, workforce and visitors
o the loss of important and scarce wildlife habitat and the impact this will have on the wildlife itself
o the effect on the air quality
of all the current applications along with those submitted and proposed to this authority, WHBC and St Albans District Council (as the area borders all these authorities) are all fully considered
o a current up to date transport survey be undertaken to accurately reflect the true traffic flow through this area (A1057, Coopers Green Lane, Oakland Lane and Station Road).
o Acknowledgement that the area is not capable of being adjusted to cope with the additional traffic created by this and other proposed developments.
o That the entrance proposed on to the A1057 is not agreed to, as this will cause further traffic issues on this and surrounding roads
We ask therefore that at any future hearings:-
• The application by Brett Aggregates or any other agents on behalf of the land owners currently Arlington’s to quarry this land is dismissed due to, but not restricted to, the following,
o the high risks posed by the Bromate pollution to irreversibly contaminate the water course from which Affinity Water draw our drinking supplies.
o The unsustainable cumulative impact on the infrastructure
o The detrimental and potentially dangerous impact on residents and frequenters health and well being
o The negative impact this will have on the wildlife habitat and wildlife itself
o The damage to the environment by the cumulative impact of air pollution.

Petition Prepared and to be presented by the
Ellenbrook Area Residents Association

Started by: john jackson (Ellenmbrook Area Residents Association)

This ePetition ran from 26/02/2019 to 23/07/2019 and has now finished.

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Council response

This petition was presented at the meeting of Development Control Committee on 18 December 2019 where this application was discussed.

The link to the committee is here: