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Old Hertford Road Traffic Calming

We the undersigned petition the County Council to install traffic calming methods to reduce the speed of cars along Old Hertford Road in Hatfield.

Since the road has been resurfaced many cars speed along our residential road using it as a cut through to the other end of Old Hatfield. Many houses back straight on to the road and it will only be a matter of time before a child or a pet is hurt if they run out on to the road. Many of us have bore witness to the speed that vehicles travel along our road and we would like preventative measures taken to reduce the speed of vehicles along Old Hertford Road.

Started by: Lee Knowles

This ePetition ran from 05/02/2019 to 02/04/2019 and has now finished.

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Council response

Petition Response
E-petition – Old Hertford Road, Hatfield. Request to install traffic calming methods to reduce the speed of cars along this road.

The concerns raised with this petition have been noted, considered and investigated. The first step when such concerns are received is to remind residents that it is the responsibility of the police to enforce the 30 mph speed limit in this road and the County Council do not have powers in this respect. The police can be contacted by phone by ringing 101 to discuss this. With regards to the concerns about the potential danger caused by speeding traffic, every year the County Council receives significant numbers of similar service enquiries for investigation. There are, however, limited resources available. Sadly, this means we need to prioritise which initiatives will go forward. Furthermore, I can confirm that Old Hertford Road does not have a poor road traffic accident history as there have been no personal injury accidents in this road for the last five years for which we have records.

Currently, the County Council has no plans for traffic calming in this road and the available data does not appear to support the case for introducing high cost traffic calming measures such as road humps.
The petition has also been discussed with the local county councillor Dr Susie Gordon. She has added Old Hertford Road to a list of requests in her area for funding consideration during the 2019/20 budget year for possible further investigations including the collection of vehicle speed and traffic flow data. If such investigations highlight a significant problem with speeding in this road, council officers will forward the information we obtain to the police, and discuss the matter with Dr Susie Gordon again to see whether any lower cost traffic calming measures like road signs and ‘slow’ road markings could be funded from her highways locality budget during 2019/20.

I hope this reply helps you.


Mark Goodyear
Lead Assistant Highway Manager for Hatfield North, South, East, and Hatfield Rural