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Permanently Pedestrianise parts of St Albans City Centre

We the undersigned petition the County Council to undertake the necessary studies and public consultation for a permanent city centre pedestrianisation of St Albans to include George Street and Market Place.

The recent COVID-19 closures have led to vastly reduced air pollution and damage to historic buildings in the most historic parts of St Albans which we must protect. As part of an action to add a new Cathedral Quarter into the oldest part of St Albans, we would like HCC to start a public consultation into a solution to keep George Street and Market Place permanently closed to become a pedestrian and cycle friendly part of St Albans City Centre which is safer for visitors, tourists and residents and will continue to ensure continued low levels of pollution and noise caused by vehicles, whilst creating a safe place for tourists and visitors to explore St Albans heritage.

The vast majority of George Street Businesses and residents support a permanent pedestrianisation of the street, that protects the historic buildings from vehicle damage whilst creating a cleaner air zone for residents, shoppers and diners, whilst also improving revenues for shops and businesses on the street from increased pedestrian footfall. We would like to see the street levelled to create a new cobbled shopper destination, improving access for disabled vistiors and creating a new improved shopping experience for residents and tourists alike.

This part of St Albans houses some of the oldest listed buildings in the City and indeed the country and we need to ensure that the surrounding roads benefit from additional weight and height restrictions with a new plan for traffic management in the city centre with increased disabled parking, new diverted school bus routes and the re-opening of the taxi rank (after Covid restrictions are lifted).

Started by: Sean Hughes

This ePetition ran from 20/11/2020 to 15/01/2021 and has now finished.

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