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Install speed restrictions on Carpenders Avenue

We the undersigned petition the County Council to Install speed bumps, or other physical speed restrictions on Carpenders Avenue. For too long, this residential road has had vehicles speeding dangerously and is also used as a rat run. This is unacceptable, especially as this is a residential road with a school close by.

The area of concern is the whole of Carpenders Avenue, but especially at the junction with Foxleys. A raised table junction or speed bumps would prevent speeding here.

Started by: Arshad Rizvi

This ePetition ran from 01/07/2020 to 31/07/2020 and has now finished.

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Council response

The County Council has considered and investigated the concerns raised within this petition, and the local County Councillor, Frances Button, has also been made aware.

In response to national guidance, the Authority has produced, as part of its Local Transport Plan (LTP), the Road Safety Strategy which aims to improve safety for all by minimising the number of collisions and injuries occurring as a result of the transport network. This can be achieved through road safety education and training, safety audits, engineering measures and enforcement. Our Road Safety Unit monitors collisions and prioritises hazardous sites based on collision history.

Each year the County Council receives many requests for traffic calming and speed limit reductions, however there are limited resources. To achieve the best value from our limited funds we have to prioritise initiatives that will be taken forward. Focus is given to those areas where existing serious injury accidents, for example, can be readily mitigated through engineering measures that provide best value for money and provide a measurable level of success.

Collision data for the last 5 years indicates that there have been no reported personal injury collisions in Carpenders Avenue. Therefore this site would not be a priority for consideration under our Safety Engineering Programme.

All schools throughout the County are encouraged to produce and maintain active School Travel Plans, and the County Council's Schools Road Safety Officers can offer to support and provide advice to schools in producing such plans. The School Travel Plan is a document that sets out what improvements can be made in terms of pupils' journeys to and from school, with a particular emphasis placed in shifting the mode of travel to more sustainable means, rather than driving. Where plans identify improvements that might be made to the Highway, funding may be attracted from the County Council’s Safer Routes to Schools program of work. Such requests are ranked and prioritised for works delivery within the program.

Hertfordshire County Council has no powers to enforce speed limits in the road, and it is the Police that are empowered to do this. Residents may wish to consider contacting the police regarding speeding in the road, as they may be able to undertake regular surveys and enforcement of the speed limit. Alternatively, another effective way of deterring speeding motorists is to get local residents or residents association to enlist the help of local police and join/form a Community Drive Safe team who can borrow and use speed gun technology and catch motorists in the act. Warning letters will be sent by the police to those travelling in excess of the speed limit. More information can be found at the Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner website: http://www.hertscommissioner.org/community-drivesafe-scheme-hertfordshire
You may wish to contact your local Residents Association to see if there have been similar concerns.