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Install Traffic Lights at the Park Street Roundabout

We the undersigned petition the County Council to Install Traffic lights to control all traffic on the Park Street Roundabout, as a matter of urgency.

The Park Street roundabout is of similar size, has the same number of joining roads and deals with an almost identical volume of traffic as the nearby London Colney Roundabout, yet recorded accident statistics for the roundabout and approaches are approximately 3 times higher and traffic build up, especially in rush hour is considerably higher.

Traffic Lights are required now as a matter of urgency to prevent further accidents and fatalities and will help with traffic volume on this roundabout by being traffic light controlled as the London Colney Roundabout is.

Started by: Victoria Edwards

This ePetition ran from 03/03/2020 to 28/04/2020 and has now finished.

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Council response

Park Street Petition

The County Council recognises this roundabout suffers congestion at peak hours due to increasing volumes of traffic and it is also aware that there is a history of collisions at this location. The location is on the list of sites for investigation into future Safety Improvements, though the council has undertaken some minor improvements in the past.

As you may be aware, Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) have recently carried out a consultation on the A414 Corridor Strategy, which concluded on the 25th February 2019. The consultation looked at A414 junctions from Hemel Hempstead to Harlow and Broxbourne including the Park Street roundabout and set out the eleven corridor objectives as well as touching on the key challenges of growth, packages of work, types of intervention, mass transit, funding & delivery. HCC are now considering and analysing the feedback received in relation to the consultation.

The layout of this junction is also being reviewed in relation to off-site works as part of a nearby Planning Application, and should this proceed, the opportunity will be taken to incorporate safety improvements into the new layout. At present, the planning application is coming forward subject to the developer discharging wider planning related requirements. As you can appreciate, to carry out the safety improvement exercise will take a considerable amount of time and associated cost and as such HCC will want to see the outcome of the planning process and fully understand the developer’s timescales before it proceeds with an alternative approach.

Local Transport Plan, Planning and Safety Improvements
Partial signalisation of Park Street roundabout is listed as Planning Condition 4, in the Secretary of State's Decision Notice dated 14th July 2014, as follows.

4.1 None of the Units shall be occupied until the Park Street Roundabout Signalisation Works have been completed and brought into use.

4.2 The improvements shall include any revisions as required due to Road Safety Audit process and any revisions required to ensure the improvements comply Design Manual for Roads and Bridges standards (DMRB).

4.3 The improvements shall have:
(a) the required Road Safety Audits and Completion Certificates in accordance with the DMRB.
(b) the Health and Safety file required by the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007. Reason: This condition is necessary to ensure that the improvements to Park Street Roundabout are completed before the units are occupied. http://planning.stalbans.gov.uk/Planning/StreamDocPage/obj.pdf?DocNo=6133202&PageNo=1&content=obj.pdf

Park Street roundabout has previously been identified and treated as a site in the County Council's annual casualty reduction programme. Sites are selected for this programme by identifying the location/routes where there have been clusters of personal injury collisions. Investigations of the recorded injury collisions which occurred at the junction produced a number of recommendations for remedial measures. These were introduced in March 2009 and July 2012 and included measures such as:

March 2009
• Widening of the circulatory carriageway between the M10 entry and A5183 Watling Street (north) exit and the A414 entry and Watling Street (south) exit to provide sufficient space to allow for dedicated left turn lanes
• Provision of concentric road markings to direct and channel traffic on the roundabout.
• Road marking revisions and road signage amendments

July 2012
• Provision of staggered give way road markings on all approaches to the roundabout except for the A5183 Watling Street.
• Central reserve kerb extensions and introduction of coloured road surfacing
• Enhancements to road markings and traffic signs to reinforce the need to turn left from lane 1 for the A414 approaches to the roundabout

Further information about the Council's strategies and selection process please see our website.

Current Position
Hertfordshire County Council can clarify that the nearby planning permission for the strategic rail freight interchange has been granted but we are now awaiting the decision by the developer on implementation of the scheme as this will include works to Park Street roundabout. We are also awaiting the potential discharge of planning conditions by the Developer prior to the scheme commencing, should it commence.

We are aware that work has begun on the site by the Developer for the purposes of keeping the planning consent valid.

The County Council will of course continue to monitor the personal injury collisions on the roundabout through the casualty reduction programme, and, if required, will take the appropriate action.