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Hillcroft Crescent Needs a New Road Surface

fund a full resurface in the next financial year starting April 2020

The original concrete sections with its bitumen expansion joints had a thin asphalt layer put on top. This has now worn away and there are numerous pot holes. It's a bumpy and unpleasant ride for all vehicles including the W20 bus.

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Council response

Hertfordshire’s highway maintenance programmes are based on an asset management approach, which involves using robust data to make good, informed decisions about how we manage and maintain the asset (in this case the highway network) as effectively as possible.

It is an approach which focuses on getting the best long-term value for money, as opposed to a short-term approach which might prioritise immediate repairs over preventative work to preserve the asset and extend its life. In taking this approach, we look at the long-term costs and consequences of the choices that we make. In short, asset management is all about good, informed decision making.

Although asset management helps us to deliver the service more efficiently, and in spite of some significant additional investment made in Hertfordshire’s roads in recent years, there is still a great deal of work on the network that needs doing – more than we can include within our current programmes. This means that we have to make some tough choices since we cannot afford to do everything we would like to do all at once.

I am pleased to advise that in October last year we confirmed to your County Councillor that, having previously been identified and prioritised, Hillcroft Crescent was at that stage in the Draft Programme for 2020/21 for Local Carriageway Surface Inlay. That Draft Programme has now been confirmed and Hillcroft Crescent is scheduled to receive treatment during the 20/21 financial year.
The treatment proposed for Hillcroft Crescent, described in the Draft Programme as Local Carriageway Surface Inlay, is similar to Oaklands Avenue and is a conventional surfacing treatment also known as Plane and inlay. This is a suitable treatment for the condition of the road and intervention level, with the process described in more detail below:-

The old road surface is removed by a process known as ‘planing’ where a large machine with a rotating drum covered in teeth chews off the old surface. This process is noisy and generates quite a lot of dust but it is fast and, in the case of night works, can usually be completed before midnight. The surface layer is removed usually around 40mm but if the damage to the surface is deeper then more of the existing road will be removed in this way. The planed surface is cleaned and sprayed with bitumen to help the new surface stick to it.

The new asphalt is laid at a high temperature and so is brought to site in insulated lorries. There it is fed into a paving machine which lays a controlled thickness of the chosen material, this is then rolled to compact it and give an even surface.

Once the material has cooled the road can be reopened to traffic. The white lines can be replaced before the road is reopened to traffic although, for operational reasons, they are sometimes replaced as a separate operation shortly after the resurfacing. In most cases, no other special aftercare is needed.

Local residents will be informed of the exact dates of the proposed work by letter, once they have been confirmed.

Due to the ongoing and unprecedented situation with COVID-19, which is changing from day to day, we currently do not have a commencement date for the Local Carriageway Surface Inlay works on Hillcroft Crescent. We will look to programme the works at a later date when circumstances allow and will give residents notification 2 weeks in advance with yellow sign boards on site as well as residential letters.
You can keep up to date with all road works in the area by visiting
We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused and will aim to get these works completed at the earliest possible date. Should you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us on 0300 123 4047.