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Lights on until daylight

We the undersigned petition the County Council to organise the lighting throughout our town to be on full beam, not half beam until 1 am, then reduced to half beam until daylight.

Potters bar and surrounding areas have been subjected to countless burglaries and attempted ones of late, these kind of violations leave a huge impact on people targeted.
No one feels safe, perpetrators can hide in the shadows, our town is feeling extremely vulnerable. Without lights, we cannot see.
My family were subjected to a frightening attempted burglary and unfortunately our statement was a waste of police time, as we had nothing to tell them as we could NOT see.
It is in everyone’s interest to feel safe in and around their homes.
Young adults coming home late, shift workers, dog walkers these are just a few examples of people who want to see, who NEED to see.
The pavements are uneven and cannot be seen in the dark, however pavements are a whole other argument. This is a whole other reason to light up until daylight.

Started by: Gemma Birchell

This ePetition ran from 05/11/2019 to 05/02/2020 and has now finished.

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Council response

New ePetition proposition for review: Lights on until daylight - Potters Bar and surrounding areas
We the undersigned petition the County Council to organise the lighting throughout our town to be on full beam, not half beam until 1 am, then reduced to half beam until daylight

Firstly, Hertfordshire County Council was sorry to hear of the attempted break into Mrs Birchell’s home. The County Council appreciates the distress this would have caused.

Part night lighting has been in place across Hertfordshire (with the exception of ‘A’ roads due to the higher speed and higher volume of traffic) for a number of years and was implemented to combat rising energy prices and reduce carbon emissions. Part night lighting means the lights are ‘switched off’ between 12 midnight and 6 am. Monitoring of crime rates was carried out in the early years of the project with no increases in crime due to the lack of lighting. Continuous monitoring since then has showed that, overall, there is no evidence to suggest that part night lighting has exacerbated crime levels at night. The local Chief Inspectors of Hertfordshire Constabulary confirmed this position in April 2018.

Developments in technology mean we have been able to trial ‘dimming & trimming’ of new LED (light emitting diode) streetlights. This means, at no extra cost, the lights can remain on for longer at night time in a dimmed fashion, thereby reducing the hours of full darkness. More information can be found in the report (and decision record) presented to the County Council’s Cabinet in October 2018 (https://democracy.hertfordshire.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=146&MId=1334) but essentially, once new LED lanterns are in place the part night lighting regime will change to lights ‘switching off’ between 1am and 5am, to replace the current regime of lights ‘switching off’ between 12midnight to 6am.

The change will take some time to implement and will be rolled out on a District by District basis over the next few months (once all lanterns are converted to LED and the Central Managed System). Eight out of the ten Districts within Hertfordshire have already been changed including Hertsmere (Welwyn Hatfield and Three Rivers being those remaining).

It would be helpful to Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) for residents and customers to report such issues regarding street lighting as accurately and as specifically as possible via HCC’s Highway Fault Reporting system, which can be found here:

I trust the above information is of assistance. Should you have any further enquiries, please contact CSCHighways@hertfordshire.gov.uk, tel no. 0300 123 4047.