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New zebra crossing Wymondley Rd close to lower end of Ninesprings Way

We the undersigned petition the County Council to Create a safe crossing on Wymondley Rd, Hitchin, close to the lower end of Ninesprings Way.

Many children and commuters cross the road at this point, as it is (1) the most direct route to the train station for those living at the lower end of Wymondley Rd (via lower part of Halsey Drive and Benslow Lane), (2) a key route to William Ransom primary school (via lower part of Halsey Drive), (3) close to Mary Exton primary school.
A crossing here may also serve to slow the traffic along Wymondley Road in this family-dense residential area.

Started by: Barbara Bulois

This ePetition ran from 19/10/2019 to 14/12/2019 and has now finished.

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Council response

RESPONSE TO PETITION: Requesting new zebra crossing Wymondley Rd close to lower end of Ninesprings Way

Thank you for your e-petition on the Hertfordshire County Council website requesting a new zebra crossing in Wymondley Road close to the lower end of Ninesprings Way.

In order to consider the request for a formal pedestrian crossing point a feasibility study would need to be funded. This study would check the desired crossing location, outline design criteria such as visibility issues and the most suitable form of crossing related to traffic flows and pedestrian movements.

There are currently no proposals for formal crossing facilities in Wymondley Road within the Council’s highway work programmes. The costs of zebra crossings are significant and if a feasibility study identified a need, the proposal would have to be considered for and achieve priority for funding alongside a wide range of other potential proposals. In general terms, potential sources of funding are:

Road Safety Funding

The Council's road safety engineering specialists consider all reported personal injury collisions in the County on an annual basis and identify locations at which there are concentrations of reported injury collisions. Taking into account the collision history for the entire County, the Council initiates road safety engineering enhancements, on a prioritised basis, where we identify there are aspects of the road environment that could be modified and/or improved to reduce the potential for future collisions.

The current collision data for this location has been checked and there have been no personal injury collisions in the last five years for which data are available and as such, this location does not meet our intervention levels and therefore will not attract core funding from Hertfordshire County Council’s annual Road Safety budget.

Funding from Development Agreements

‘Section 106’ funding is funding provided by developers under their planning consent to resolve potential highway issues resulting from their proposed new development. However, in this instance, Hertfordshire County Council has no suitable Section 106 funding for the provision of such a facility.

Highway Locality Budgets

An alternative source of funding could be through the local County Councillor’s Highway Locality Budget (HLB). County Councillors have £90,000 each financial year to direct towards highway related matters in their division. This can be allocated to traffic/highway related works and studies, such as formal pedestrian crossings or relatively low cost works to help alleviate local concerns.

The local County Councillor is aware of this petition and he has already supported funding for a feasibility study to look at improving pedestrian safety at the railway bridge end of Wymondley Road as a result of a previous petition. As part of this study, the County Councillor has suggested we also carry out limited investigation on pedestrian/vehicle count surveys to see if the numbers would support a formal crossing being justified against the technical criteria.

These counts will be carried out during school term times before the end of the current financial year, however, even if the results of the pedestrian/vehicle count met the criteria funding for any potential crossing would still have to be found.

Hertfordshire County Council Highway Officers will update the lead petitioner once the pedestrian/vehicle counts have been carried out and the results analysed.