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Superfast Broadband installation in Hamals Lane, Braughing

We the undersigned petition the County Council to arrange for a superfast broadband system to be installed forthwith to households accessed from Hamels Lane in the parish of Braughing in accordance with the requirement promised and laid down by HM Government

Apetition signed by 101 residents of the Hamels Park and Hamels Lane area who currently struggle with very slow Broadband speeds and urgently need the installation of fibre broadband to their properties. The letter addressed to yourself sets out the background to our case. Supporting emails and letters from those trying to run businesses, together with records of recent broadband issues for just two of the 59 properties concerned, are also included as separate appendices.

Started by: Elaine Manzi

This ePetition ran from 09/09/2019 to 09/09/2019 and has now finished.

95 people signed this ePetition.