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Brook Street Tring - Traffic Management

We the undersigned petition the County Council to address the growing traffic problems on Brook Street in Tring, particularly the stretch of road outside the Silk Mill business park.

The issues include –

- Numerous traffic incidents, including two serious collisions in the past 4 months.
- Motorists continuously speeding down the road, at speeds exceeding 50mph in a 30mph residential zone.
- Increased noise pollution, caused by motorists speeding and inappropriately using their horns to express their frustration at the lack of clear road signals and confusion about right of way.
- Numerous incidents of road rage where motorists use profanity, often resulting in physical confrontation.
- An inability for custodians of the Silk Mill business park to enter or leave the facility safely.
- Traffic and congestion problems caused when people inappropriately park on Brook Street, resulting in jams that lead to increased air and noise pollution.
- Dangerous for pedestrians to cross the road because of speeding cars.

What is causing the problems? –

- No speed signs anywhere along Brook Street.
- No ‘Right of Way’ sign for the single flow of traffic outside the Silk Mill.
- The single flow of traffic is long and people don’t give way appropriately, often speeding to get through.
- The double yellow lines stop too short on one side of Brook Street.
- The entrance to the Silk Mill is hidden, hard to access and has insufficient line of sight for both sides.

Quick solutions –

- New 20mph speed restrictions along Brook Street, with an increase in the number of visible signs. Similar to Dundale Road in Tring.
- Extension of the double yellow lines up until the ‘Keep Clear’ outside the Silk Mill entrance.
- Silk Mill entrance is improved and appropriate signs are put in place for motorists to be aware of the hidden entrance.
- ‘Right of Way’ sign put in place.

Possible, more fundamental, solutions –

- Either a speed camera, electronic speed monitor or road humps outside the Silk Mill to ensure motorists don’t excessively speed along the road.
- A traffic light system which will allow traffic to flow safely and effectively through the single lane.
- A box junction at the entrance to Silk Mill to ensure people don’t block people coming in or out.

In summary, the stretch of Brook Street outside of the Silk Mill business park is in dire need of better road traffic management. As a resident of Brook Street I daily witness the issues that keep occurring because of a lack of sufficient road signs, traffic systems etc. If no solution can be found soon, I have no doubt one of the problems I mention will result in a far more serious incident.

Started by: Timothy Wright

This ePetition runs from 09/08/2019 to 04/10/2019.

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