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Speed camera London Road, St Albans

We the undersigned petition the County Council to A request to put a speed camera on the London Road in St Albans outside Abbots Park

The speed limit is 40 mph in this particular part of the road, however I often see drivers well exceeding the speed limit. They race up from the Mile House Lane traffic lights and are still often driving very fast when they hit the 30 mph limit. It is very difficult to leave both of the Abbots Park (AL1 1TW) exits as drivers are always driving so fast. Would really appreciate a speed camera put in inbetween the two Abbots Park exits heading towards St Albans

Started by: Rebecca South

This ePetition ran from 14/07/2019 to 20/09/2019 and has now finished.

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Council response

Response to E-petition: Speed Camera London Road, St Albans

Thank you for your petition received on 14th July 2019 regarding a request for speed camera’s to be considered in London Road between the two access points of Abbots Park.

As there is currently a speed indicator device in London Road at the rail bridge that is 450m from the mid points of the Abbots Park junctions, we have assumed for the purposes of this response that you are referring to a speed enforcement camera request that would be enforceable by the Police.

The County Council does not have powers to enforce moving traffic violations related to speeding, this function is within the jurisdiction of the police. We do however work with the police and together formed the Hertfordshire Safety Camera Partnership (HSCP) in 2002, the role of the partnership is to focus on locations where targeted speed enforcement would reduce the frequency and severity of personal injury collisions that have happened – this is classified as reactionary and data led enforcement. The police are able to undertake more proactive and covert enforcement at locations that do not fit within the role of the HSCP.

One of the County Council's Key Priorities is to reduce the number of people who are either killed, or injured on our Road Network each year and a budget exists towards such work, through our Safety Engineering Program.

The implementation of safety cameras that would be operated by the HSCP are governed by the criteria contained within the county councils Speed Management Strategy (criteria attached). Among other things the criteria primarily considers the quantity and type of personal injury collision (PICs) recorded and traffic speed.

We have reviewed this section of London Road in line with Hertfordshire County Council’s Speed Management Strategy for Safety Camera Criteria and this has indicated that the location does not meet the minimum investigation level for either primary considerations relating to Personal Injury Collisions and traffic speed as set out below.

Personal Injury Collisions (PIC’s)
There have been no reported personal injury collisions within the vicinity of the requested location within the last 3 year period. The nearest reported collisions are at the junction of London Road and St Vincent Drive which is 225m east of the proposed location of the camera at the Abbots Park site.

There have been 2 reported personal injury collisions within the vicinity of the requested location within the last 5 year period. Both collisions were 150m east of Abbots Park and occurred in the spring of 2014, near the junction of London Road and St Vincent Drive

Traffic Speeds
London Road, St Albans is subject to a 40mph speed limit. We are aware from a 2013 speed & volume survey, data gathered outside property No.240 London Road indicated the mean speed of vehicles at that time was 31.83mph traveling south on London Road (38.28mph 85th percentile) and 35.43mph traveling north (40.85 mph 85th percentile). The surveys were rerun in September of 2013 and again indicated 31.77mph traveling south (37.5mph 85th percentile) & 33.11mph traveling north (38.7 85th percentile). As you can see from the above data, the speeds are compliant with the existing 40mph zone that is in place.

For reference purposes, Hertfordshire’s Speed Management Strategy defines the 85th percentile speed as “the speeds at or below which 85% of all vehicles are observed to travel under free flowing conditions”. (This is a nationally recognised method of assessing traffic speeds).

We have also analysed the data from our speed Indicator device that is located at the junction of London Road and Colindale Avenue, which indicates an average speed of 30.5mph within the existing 30mph zone at that location (214,926 recorded vehicle speeds from 3rd July 2017 to 31st January 2018)

Since 2013, as London Road is classified as an A road, Hertfordshire County Council have reviewed traffic flows and implemented speed management measures in London Road from Alma Road to Highfield Road to manage traffic speeds & flows as part of our integrated transport planning works.

In 2017 we provided a new cycle crossing across London Road at the junction with Drakes Drive where there was only previously an existing signalised pedestrian crossing point. This provided improved facilities for pedestrians and cyclists as well as moderating the flow of traffic along London Road in both directions. The work that was carried out at this location allowed cyclists to cross the whole width of London Road in one movement without having to stop in the middle of the carriageway.

We are currently improving the existing signalised pedestrian crossing facility near the Odyssey Cinema in London Road which will assist pedestrian flow but this will also assist in regulating the flow of traffic along London Road in both directions at this location.

The Speed Management Strategy can be viewed at :