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Say No to Rickneys extension until the current site is properly cleared and restored

We the undersigned petition the County Council to register our protest at the appalling state of Rickneys quarry which remains an eyesore and un-restored 16 years after quarrying ceased in 2003. We petition the County Council to refuse the application to extend planning permission for Rickneys quarry on the grounds of: 1. The unacceptable state of the Rickneys quarry site - we urge the Council not to consider quarrying applications made by Hanson UK (HeidelbergCement Group) until the restoration of Rickneys is properly carried out. 2. Risk to our public water supply as mentioned in the recent refusal of the Secretary of State with reference to Land at Ware Park (Ref. APP/M1900/W/17/3178839) - the risk identified applies just as much to the Rickneys extension as it does to the Land at Ware Park.

The recent ruling of the Secretary of State on the issue of quarrying of the Land at Ware Park (Ref. APP/M1900/W/17/3178839) makes it clear that there is an unacceptable risk to the public water supply from any quarrying on the site. This equally applies to Rickneys extension. This position marks a material change from when planning permission was first granted and we believe means that the application for an extension needs to be refused.
Furthermore, Hanson promised phased restoration of the site and this clearly has not happened. The site continues to be an eyesore, and this clearly is not acceptable 16 years after activity on the site ceased.
We feel it is really important that the County Council stands up to developers who clearly totally ignore their agreed obligations

Started by: John Howson (Stop Bengeo Quarry Group)

This ePetition ran from 17/04/2019 to 13/06/2019 and has now finished.

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