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Making Grover Road a one-way road

We the undersigned petition the County Council to Make Grover Road a one-way road

-Cars constantly parked on both sides of the road
-there's only space for one car to drive down the road
-the road has two bends either end so its very dangerous when approaching these bends, as you can't see if another car is coming in the opposite direction
-if you do approach a car coming from the opposite direction there is near enough nowhere to pull into to allow the car to pass
-it is near enough impossible for large vehicles (delivery vans etc) as well as smaller cars to maneuver if they get stuck with a car coming the opposite way
-ambulances/fire engines struggle very much to get round (if not find it impossible) as we have experienced
-the road is next to a busy road and a main train station so it gets very busy for residents
-This road does not have adequate width to cater to two way traffic
-being one-way will create a safer environment for drivers and pedestrians

Started by: Harriet Wilson

This ePetition runs from 15/04/2019 to 28/06/2019.

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