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Say NO to the Rickneys Quarry extension and access to Bengeo Field

We the undersigned petition the County Council to Refuse the proposal to extend the application for the extension of Rickneys quarry for the 3rd time - until Dec. 2021 (reference 3/2077-13)

We sincerely hope the members of HCC Development Control Committee reject this extension proposal, and stop the continued attempts to quarry in Rickneys as well as Bengeo Field (as reported at the recent Public Inquiry). Our key areas of objections are:
• Hanson have not demonstrated they will clear up the mess they leave behind. They have not restored Rickneys since extraction ceased in 2003 and have only done the minimum to clear the site.
• We cannot keep on giving aggregate companies endless chances to ruin the Hertfordshire countryside without penalty. This planning permission was granted an extension until 2009, then in 2014 until Dec 2017.
• The new Minerals Local Plans (MLP) specifically excludes the land at Rickneys and Bengeo Field from preferred area status. The final date of the new extension would be 2021 which is after the new MLP will be adopted. Therefore the Rickneys extension should not be permitted. The last MLP ran until 2016, therefore extending license for operations to 2021 would not reflect planning policy.
• Hanson did not put Rickneys forward in the call for sites for the new Minerals Local Plan.
• Rickneys extension (just like Bengeo Field) threatens the chalk aquifer that supplies our tap water. Rick Brassington, our expert witness at the Public Inquiry, has clearly illustrated that quarrying so close to a water extraction site poses an unacceptable risk to our water supply.
• The additional truck movements at peak times on the B158 are unwanted and add risk to an already heavily used and hazardous section of road on which more than one fatal accident has occurred.
• There will be a threat to wildlife through possible changes to the hydrology of St John’s Wood.
• The proposed extension will create dust, noise and impact on health of local residents.

Started by: Aska Pickering (Stop Bengeo Quarry)

This ePetition ran from 06/12/2018 to 12/05/2019 and has now finished.

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