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Safe Road Crossing for Dunmow Road/Stortford Hall Park/Urban Road/Wayletts Drive

We the undersigned petition the County Council to put a safe crossing on Dunmow Road near the junctions of Stortford Hall Park, Urban Road and Wayletts Drive so that the residents of this area can cross the road safely. Dunmow Road is such a busy round about and so many children walk this way to the three secondary schools plus the primary schools. Many elderly residents live in this estate and are terrified to cross this main road both in the day and at night. One resident I am aware of is so scared she asks her daughter to go to the local shop. The shop is very popular with local residents and for alot of residents they have to cross this road to reach it. We have a pelican crossing up near Hockerill/East Herts School but this is too far down the road to go to and then walk all the way back again. There is also a crossing which you cross half way across the road at the mini roadabout near the Land Rover garage but traffic does not stop at the mini roadabout and again is too far up for residents to cross and come back again.

There has been a written petition with over 150 signatures of local residents and everyone asked about this problem has said something urgently needs to be done asap.

Started by: Janet Edwards

This ePetition runs from 26/11/2018 to 21/02/2019.

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