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Walkern High Street Pedestrian Crossing - North End

We the undersigned petition the County Council to Install a pedestrian crossing at the North end of Walkern Village. The crossing should run from the pavement on the west side of the High Street to the pavement on the south side of Church End.

Pedestrians cross from the High Street to Church End to walk to the church and the ford and to access the countryside paths to the East of Walkern. A popular walk round Walkern is a circular route from the High Street to Church End to Bockings and either Winters Lane or Totts Lane back to the High Street. This back-road walking route is also used to avoid the heavy traffic on the High Street when walking from homes in the north of the village to the shops, school, GP surgery, park, and bus stops all at the south end of the village.
There is pavement to South side of Church End, but it finishes just shy of the High Street. When the crossing is installed the pavement in Church End should to be extended to meet the crossing.
Having a crossing at the north end of the village would also act as an additional visual notification to road traffic that they are entering a village. Although there are a significant number of houses at the north end of Walkern Village they are tucked away from the main High Street and the residential nature is less visible than it might be. Drivers in the north part of the village are less conscientious of pedestrians and often drive faster than they should.

Started by: Jennifer Gilbride

This ePetition runs from 26/10/2018 to 26/01/2019.

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