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Diagonal Crossing @ Harvester Junction (Beech Rd / Harp Rd) to Bathroom Centre corner (SW to NE)

We the undersigned petition the County Council to install a diagonal crossing (from South West to North East) at the Harvester Junction on Beech Road / Harpenden Road.

Currently to cross at the Harvester Junction (Beech Rd/ Harpenden Road) from the South West corner to the North East side pedestrians have to wait for two sets of lights.

Currently you can cross:

East (1st set) and North (2nd set)
North (1st set) and East (2nd set)

Due to the time this takes to wait for the lights children and parents are now crossing diagonally in one go. This is unmarked and potentially leaves vulnerable people in the road if they get the times wrong.

The main people to benefit would be:

- Pupils at St.Albans Girls' Schools (STAGS)
- Pupils at Garden Fields School
- Residents of Ellis Fields,Old Harpenden Rd and Beech Road

Traffic would also benefit as people crossing would do so in one go and wouldn't have to press the traffic lights to stop it twice.

Started by: Gregor Park

This ePetition ran from 12/09/2018 to 13/11/2018 and has now finished.

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