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Horse Shoe Lane-College Road Zebra Crossing

We the undersigned petition the County Council to I would like the council to consider having a zebra crossing at the end of Horse Shoe Lane Watford.

There are 2 mini roundabouts right after each other where Horse Shoe Lane continues as College Road. On the right Woodside Road and on the left High Road. In recent months these roads became extremely busy - New Taylor Wimpy Houses as well as others. This area is the route for 3 Secondary Schools (Parmiter's, St Michael's and Francis Coombe) and it has become very dangerous for kids to cross the road as they walk to/from school or cycle. At rush hours cars don't stop for the kids to cross at all...
Having a Zebra Crossing would ensure safety to hundred's of children crossing the road every day. As well as those walking to the local shops/nursery/surgeries at Catherine Place and walking further up to Leavesden County Park. Thank you

Started by: Mehlika Cetin

This ePetition ran from 07/09/2018 to 31/12/2018 and has now finished.

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Council response

Response to ePetition – Horse Shoe Lane – College Road zebra crossing
Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) is investigating the request for a safe crossing point on Horseshoe Lane, Watford near the double mini-roundabout junction with High Road, College Road and Woodside Road. Some preliminary investigations have been conducted which suggest that a zebra pedestrian crossing could be the most appropriate solution to the reported concerns, but that further more detailed investigations and detailed design work will be needed to firmly establish this.

A meeting was held with county councillor, Tim Williams, and the Lead Assistant Highway Manager, David Swan on site on 9th November 2018, to confirm the current pedestrian desire line. At the meeting local residents pointed out their concerns that any crossing proposals should accommodate existing access and a proposed new access to their properties.

Funding sources are being sought for the pedestrian crossing which include highways locality budget funding from the local member, Section 106 local developer contributions for sustainable transport measures in the local area to assist pedestrians and cyclists, and perhaps other third party funding from outside bodies.

The county councillor has been consulted and supports this proposal. He has agreed to use his Highway Locality Budget to survey existing speeds and volume of traffic, and number of pedestrians and cyclists crossing at or near the desire line. This evidence will be useful in applying for funding.

Following these surveys and investigations, and if the proposal for a pedestrian crossing is deliverable and fully funded, Hertfordshire County Council will endeavour to work with all relevant parties involved to complete the necessary detailed design work and safety audit checks, and then order the works and deliver the scheme as soon as possible.